how to create proportional image height/width

Tags: html,css,image-resizing

Problem :

So, I want to have an image resized to 30% of its original height/width. Pretend you don't know its height or width, how would you go about it using only CSS/HTML?

Solution :


Using a display: inline-block; wrapper, it's possible to make this happen with CSS only.


<div class="holder">
    <img src="your-image.jpg" />


.holder {   
  width: auto;
  display: inline-block;    

.holder img {
  width: 30%; /* Will shrink image to 30% of its original width */
  height: auto;    

The wrapper collapses to the original width of the image, and then the width: 30% CSS rule on the images causes the image to shrink down to 30% of its parent's width (which was its original width).

Here's a demo in action.

Sadly no pure HTML/CSS way to do it as neither is geared to perform calculations like that. However, it's pretty simple with a snippet of jQuery:


    var $img = $(this),
        imgWidth = $img.width(),
        imgHeight = $img.height();

    if(imgWidth > imgHeight){
        $img.width(imgWidth * 0.3);
    } else {
        $img.height(imgHeight * 0.3);

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