how to bypass style in element that is automatically applied through class?

Tags: css

Problem :

I have got ul-li list in which there is a span element inside all li.
Currently there is a css class that is applied to that span element [or, so to say, the span elements inside all li] like:

.detail_div ul li span{
//some styles

Now for a particular span element inside, say, last li, i want to bypass the above given (default) css class and give different style.
How can I achieve this?

Please help me out.

Solution :

.detail_div ul li span {
   // Some Styles
.detail_div ul li:last-child span {
   // UNDO above styles

The second definition only matches the last li.

Edit: Or you can assign the list items you wish to unstyle a new class:

   <li class="unstyled"><span>Unstyled</span></li>


.detail_div ul li span {
   // some styles
.detail_div ul li.unstyled span {
   // undo above styles

Or you can use the nth-child pseudoclass.

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