How can I get rid of these shadows on my text in Internet Explorer?

Tags: css,internet-explorer,internet-explorer-8,shadow

Problem :

If you go to or in IE <= 8, you'll see shadows around the text. Safari, Chrome, and FireFox all render this correctly.

From looking at the CSS, can anyone tell how to make this look better in IE? IE 9 looks ok (but it doesn't get the gradients, which I'm fine with).

Edit 1: I got this template from a designer. It uses the latest in CSS magic so I'm not shocked by less than perfect IE performance here. The CSS files are here and here and here.

Thanks a lot!


Solution :

Edit #1: Remove all the "FILTER: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.dropshadow(...);" attributes from your theme.css file and you are good to go.

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