Using jQuery, how to find out if CSS selector “input[type=text]” is natively supported by browser?

Tags: jquery,css,jquery-selectors,cross-browser,css-selectors

Problem :

In my CSS I have a rule that must be applied to all text fields (using the CSS3 selector input[type=text].

I also use jQuery. Some browsers like Internet Explorer 6 does not support that form for CSS selector. So my workaround is to add an extra classname in CSS:

input[type=text], .workaround_classname{
  /* css styling goes here */

And via jQuery then add the CSS class:


The Question is: How do I make sure this rule only is invoked when CSS3 selectors are not natively supported?

Solution :

I ended up using conditional comments in my javascript file. This way I could address IE6 and apply the CSS class

  //add css class to input[type=text] fields if the selector is not natively supported
    // IE6 hack: Since some CSS selectors are not working, we simulate with class names.
    /*@cc_on@if (@_jscript_version <= 5.6)
        each(function() { $(this).addClass('type_' + this.type); });


This way, I end up with added class names for all form fields:


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