How to add a CSS class to an element using a jQuery Selector?

Tags: jquery,html,css

Problem :

I am pretty new to JavaScript and jQuery and getting a little confused with "Selectors". Now I am sure you are all gurus and will find this trivial, so hoping you can help.

I have this HTML:

  <div class="class0">
    <div class="class1">
      <div class="class2">
        <div class="class3">Field 1:</div>
           <label class="class4">
               <input name="field" type="text" class="class5" />

I am trying to addClasses to a number of elements but am getting stuck. I am trying to:

jQuery('.class0 input')
    .focus(function() {

But it doesn't seem to work - Class 1 does but the rest don't?

Solution :

If you are targeting one parent only then use .closest rather than parents.

Also if you know the node type of an element with a class it is always better to prefix the selector. In this case they all look like divs.


jQuery('div.class0 input').focus(function() {

    var $el= $(this);


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