How to stop all CSS overrides on a container DIV?

Tags: javascript,html,css

Problem :

I have a container div which i add to external websites using a bookmarklet to do some functions, the problem i face that this div contains some elements and each element has its inline style, but when i put in the external site, sometimes it overrides styles from the site CSS.

There is a way to stop any overrides on this div?

Solution :

you can define css properites within the element to be able to display your div properly e.g.

<div style="margin:0;border:1px solid red;">

Or additionally you can supply your css styles with your Div html as well.

I know its a pain when the "external" site has css global rules; e.g

ul ( margin-left: 5px; } 

the best I could do was to reset all these things for my div id.


Yes, I understand that he has inline styles but the problem is caused by global rules. So e.g. if @Amr ElGarhy's div has ULs, they will all get left margin of 5px (as I exampled above). and Amr ElGarhy has to reset this margin in inline styles as well.

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