Basic concept for how javascript replaces an html input with something interactive?

Tags: javascript,css,comments

Problem :

This is a very low-level, conceptual question.

I have a content site where the users can rate comments left by other users using a dropdown form with two choices, +1 or -1.

I'd like to "transform" this into a nice-looking up/down arrow, a la reddit comments.

I understand that there's a way to do this through CSS + javascript, but I don't understand what that method is and how it works so I can begin looking into it. What exactly so I need to do to turn this dropdown into an up/down voting widget?

I don't need help with the actual ranking of the comments, the algo for it or anything, I just want to understand how to replace this UI element with something more friendly.

Solution :

The basic technique is to use javascript to hide the actual form element (probably via setting a style of display:none) and then add your widget via the DOM manipulation methods. Then, set onclicks on the up/down arrows to update the the value of the hidden form element, increasing/decreasing it by one each time.

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