How would you code this: The SO highlighted button outline effect [closed]

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

I'm a person that learns best from example. Currently, I'm diving into the field of Web Development after fifteen years of developing desktop apps. I'm still getting used to all the web technologies used for developing modern web sites and everywhere I look, I see cool little UI elements and have no idea how they're implemented. So I thought I'd ask you, the web experts...the wexperts :)

What are some straight forward or creative ways you could code the SO highlighted button outline effect (shown below)...

The SO Highlighted button outline effect

Feel free to give example code or high level explanations that include the various technologies involved (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.).

  • How would CSS play a role in this?
  • Could you use JQuery to implement this easily? GWT?

Thanks so much in advance for all your help!

Solution :

If you are talking about how the tabs change when you hover the mouse over them, that is done entirely with CSS. Using the :hover pseudo-class, the site sets the background to white, and changes the border colours to black on the top three sides, and white on the bottom.

How do I know this? The Firebug Firefox plugin. It allows you to easily inspect the DOM, debug javascript, and look at CSS styles for various page elements. If you learn best by example, Firebug will help a lot.

Specifically, the "#tabs a" elements (anchors that are descendants of an element with ID "tabs"), has the following relevant styles:

#tabs a:hover {
    background:#FFFFFF none repeat scroll 0 0;
    border-color:#777777 #777777 #FFFFFF;

#tabs a {
    background:#EEEEEE none repeat scroll 0 0;
    border:1px solid #EEEEEE;

(I may be missing some of the changes that actually matter, but those are the basics.

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