How can I join background images?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I have three images that I would like to join in a widget I'm creating in Html. I just want to give the round effect on the corners. These are the three images:

alt text alt text alt text

I have the middle one repeating in my css so that it fills up the space between the two edges.

    background: url('/Content/Images/Title_Bar_Left.png') no-repeat;
    background: url('/Content/Images/Title_Bar_Middle.png') repeat-x;
    background: url('/Content/Images/Title_Bar_Right.png') no-repeat;

I am placing these three classes in one container class, but it simply displays the middle one. The background images are at the top of the widget where the title is.

<div class="widgetBody">
    <div class="widgetMainLeft" />
    <div class="widgetMain">
        <div class="widgetTitle">Messages</div>
        <div class="widgetDisplayedArea">
    <div class="widgetMainRight" />

This is how the widget looks now:

alt text

And this is how it should look:

alt text

How can I make this effect happen?

Solution :

There's only one background that will be used, all other class settings will be overridden by the latest one being set.

Solution: create three containers instead of one, set each with it's own class.

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