Push vertically resizable Div to bottom of wrapper. How?

Tags: css,html

Problem :

First of all, hello all. This problem is driving me to insanity so I hope for a simple solution

Here is an image of what I wanted originally.

But I didnt want to use hacks to get Box 1 and (Box 2+Box 3) to expand with each other. So I will just use a background color on the wrapper instead so its not noticeable that they have different heights.

This is what I have now:


#wrapper {
    background:         #000;
    width:              50%; 
    float:              left;

#box1 {
    background:         #FF0012;
    width:              65%;
    float:              left;

#box2 {
    background:         #141; 
    width:              35%;
    margin-left:        65%;    

#box3 {
    width:              35%;
    margin-left:        65%;



 <div id="wrapper">

  <div id="box1">


  <div id="box2">


  <div id="box3">




If you wonder why I dont use float: right; on Box 2 and 3 its because if Box 1 is lower than Box 2 then Box 3 will float under Box 1 instead of under Box 2.

Problem: 1. Fix Box 3 to the bottom of the wrapper 2. When rows are inserted in Box 3 and Box 2, they shouldn't overflow - expand the wrappers height instead (as it does with the code i posted)

If I use position: absolute; bottom: 0; on Box 3 then it will overflow Box 2 when rows are inserted and Box 3 gets too heigh.

Any ideas of how to solve this?

Solution :

I know why it drives you crazy - you are trying to solve table problem by un-table means. Why?

I tought myself to recognize table functionality: when I want independed pieces of content to share a common vertical and horizontal edge, it usually means I want a table.

Edit: to achieve that using table you need to 1) use rowspan to make box 1 span two rows and 2) vertically align contents of box 3 to make sure it is always at the bottom.

See, for example, the HTML that illustrates rowspan here. It is almost what you want, just get rid of table borders and add valign="bottom" to the third cell.

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