How do you deal with Internet Explorer?

Tags: html,css,internet-explorer,portability

Problem :

I am aware that there are probably other questions regarding this topic. I guess that every web developer goes through this with IE.

My problem:

I am developing a web-based application fully based on Javascript. I am a Mac user. I was really happy that everything worked great in Safari, Firefox and Opera. I then asked a friend with Windows to check it with Internet Explorer, and things don't work as well. My application is very sensitive to the HTML standards.

The main problem is the CSS layout. The JavaScript itself seems to be working properly thanks to jQuery for portability.

My question:

How do you deal with Internet Explorer? Should I create a new CSS that is only loaded on Internet Explorer? Should I create a new version of the application only for Internet Explorer? How do you normally handle this? The application is pretty big both in feature design and in layout design.


Using the CSS reset as suggested by Nosredna, already removed almost half of the problems. I guess it really is a good practice. I noticed that SO also uses it.

Solution :

Do you specify a valid doctype? You can get Internet Explorer to be a bit more compliant by switching it into standards mode.

Do you use a browser reset CSS file? That can help bring the versions together.

Be aware of IE's CSS bugs:

For the skeleton of your layout, consider using markup that is known to work, such as or for liquid or fixed layouts, respectively.

Keep up with JavaScript differences between browsers. jQuery handles some of them, but not all of them.

Yeah, IE is a pain. If you want it to work in IE, you really want to test in IE every couple days. You don't want to save the pain for the end--you want to handle the nightmares one at a time.

By the way, if you think IE is a pain, try looking at your page with a mobile phone. The other day I went to with an iPhone and the middle fifth or more of the screen was taken up by a bunch of garbled markup that rendered as text.

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