How are the page-break properties in CSS supposed to work?

Tags: css,printing

Problem :

Modern browsers are supposed to support the CSS page-break properties to some degree. However I haven't been able to get any browser to print any differently when I use avoid, widows, or orphans. Am I doing it wrong, or is the browser support just not as solid as advertised?

      h2 {
        page-break-after: avoid;

      p {
        page-break-inside: avoid;   
        orphans: 2;
        widows: 2;

Solution :

Browser support for printing sucks. Not just a little bit, but completely totally and without compare. About once every other year (for the past 10), I've played around with this and I always come back to the same conclusion: don't depend on the browser to be able to handle good printing.

If it absolutely must be positioned correctly, create a pdf file on the fly and let the user print that.

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