How to have elements with different background-colors yet the background-image shows everywhere (aka, a watermark)?

Tags: html,css,watermark

Problem :

I want to create an html page with a watermark. I set the background-image on the body. However I have some elements that are not allowing the background image to bleed through. They define their own background-color (but not background-image), overriding the color in the body. This surprised me. They didn't override the image, just the color.

It seems reasonable to have a visible watermark on a page with elements having different background colors.

How do I get the effect I want using standard html/css?

Here's some sample code that shows the problem. Note the white block obscuring my watermark image.

<style type="text/css">

    background: url(/images/shield-25.png) blue no-repeat center;
table, div{ width: 100% }

#table2 { background-color: white }
#div2 { background-color: white }
<body class="everything">

<table id="table1"><tr><td>Top</td></tr></table>
<!-- This table put a big white line over my watermark image. -->
<table id="table2"><tr><td>Middle</td></tr></table>
<table id="table3"><tr><td>Bottom</td></tr></table>

<div id="div1"><tr><td>Top</td></tr></div>
<!-- Thought maybe it was a table thing but nope, divs do it too. -->
<div id="div2"><tr><td>Middle</td></tr></div>
<div id="div3"><tr><td>Bottom</td></tr></div>


Solution :

Unfortunately for you, this is the intended behavior. background-image and background-color are sub-properties of the background property. Since you defined a background on #table2 and #div2, you can't see "through" them to the page background anymore.

CSS3 allows you to set the opacity of the background using the rgba() expression, but IE doesn't support this (Firefox 3 and Safari/Webkit do). To get an rgba()-like effect in IE, you can use a filter: rule such as the following:

#table2 {
    filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#ffffff80,endColorstr=#ffffff80); /* IE proprietary */
    background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); /* CSS3 standard */

Note how the startColorstr and endColorstr parameters have a fourth value for alpha.

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