How to workaround: IE6 does not support CSS “attribute” selectors

Tags: javascript,css,internet-explorer,internet-explorer-6,css-selectors

Problem :

One of the projects which I am working uses CSS "attribute" selector [att]

CSS Selectors

which is not supported by ie6: Support for CSS selectors in IE6 (look for text "Attribute Selectors")

Is there any workaround/hack which is of course valid html/css to overcome this problem?

Solution :

Since IE6 is essentially limited to:

  • class selectors
  • ID selectors
  • (space) descendant selectors
  • a:-only pseudo-selectors

your only options are:

  • Use more classes to identify your elements
  • Use JavaScript (strongly not recommended except in highly specialized cases)

I find it very helpful to take advantage of the ability to assign multiple classes to an element by separating them with a space: class="foo bar"

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