Liferay: how to avoid rebuilding/redeploying CSS files

Tags: css,liferay

Problem :

if you're familiar with Liferay you'll know that when you make an itsy-bitsy change to a css file you shall rebuild the theme and redeploy it.

As for redeploying I made a symlink (mind you I'm on Windows: for the curious creating a symlink on Vista is just a matter of issuing mklink /d dir1 dir2).

But what about rebuilding the stuff with maven? I'd rather skip that step. Basically what it does is combyining and packing all CSS in one everything_packed.css. Is there a sort of config variable to tell liferay just to include the raw files and skip redeployment alltogether?


Solution :

Guys I found the solution myself.

You should have a file called file in


Or more specifically for my win setup in C:\liferay\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes

The file would hold the value

This will prevent liferay to be looking for the everything_packed.css and so you're free to modify your stuff without rebuilding and CTRL-R to refresh the page and see the changes.

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