How to get jquery ui tabs working?

Tags: jquery,css

Problem :

At there is a short HTML example of how to use JQuery UI Tabs.

  • I put the HTML in a local index.htm file.
  • I downloaded all the CSS and Javascript files, and saved them in local files:
  • but the closest I can get is the same example without any color in the tabs.
  • I've looked around for images, etc. but can't find any.
  • I can even have everything local EXCEPT the CSS file which I get off their server and THEN it works, so it is something in the CSS file that I'm not getting.

What am I not copying locally that the online CSS file has? Has anyone gotten this JQuery UI Tabs to work and have a zip file that works locally?

Solution :

For the UI tabs to work you NEED some CSS. The documentation states the minimum required.

The problem you have with the example theme is because the css file used references other CSS files. You need to copy them all locally. You also need an image under the themes/flora/i folder.

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